NYE Rant

Ok, rant coming up. So my dad and I have this tradition on NYE where we go out to dinner to this local Chinese place. Always love the food and the environment is cozy and makes for great, long conversations. Now, let me just say since you can’t see me, there are a few things I should tell you before I rant. I’m petite, I don’t typically eat a lot of food, and I’m shy when it comes to speaking up/any sort of confrontation. Also, what I’m about to rant about didn’t happen tonight, I had a lovely time I just thought of times when this did happen and made me feel incredibly self-conscious. I start by ordering my food, always forgetting how big portions are here in the U.S [not that it would make any difference] then it comes and I eat as much as possible [also depends on whether I like the food or not, of course I wouldn’t speak up if it wasn’t satisfying…] and when the waiter/waitress comes by to refill my glass/check on us, they occasionally see how little I’ve eaten and assume I didn’t like the dish or want to take it home and don’t usually pay attention to my size and the fact that I am incapable of unhinging my jaw to finish. Then the rest of the evening I feel pressured to either finish as much as I can without combusting/moving it around to make it look like I’ve eaten more/shoving it onto my dad’s plate. Now, that’s not to say most waiters/waitresses aren’t nice people. They totally are. But please, for the love of God…could you please not say things about the amount I eat? Anyway, here’s to 2017 and thanks for reading!- Harper. 

Questions to end 2016: How has your perspective changed throughout 2016? How are you feeling about 2017? 


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