Downton Abbey + London

My mother was completely and utterly engrossed in Downton Abbey and before she passed away, she managed to convince my dad to watch an episode with her (he loved it). Soon enough, a few years later he found himself asking me if I’d restart the series with him, as he’d only seen the last two or three seasons with her and didn’t remember much. Recently, we’ve been watching it every night and shouting out when the credits start to roll. I’ve also been thinking about how much more the show means to us since we went to London, (and visited Highclere AND Bampton outside of London–both of which are where the show was filmed for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about) before watching the show. It definitely holds a stronger place in my heart than it would have before seeing it, and assuring myself such a beautiful place exists.

This may have to do with the issue that I am both pessimistic and a bit of a skeptic and convince myself most good things are too good to be true or will quickly come to an end. All issues aside, it’s official; I’ve fallen in love with Downton and all its’ dramatic, old-time glory. I’ve fallen in love with most folks downstairs (except for Thomas and O’Brien…) and even a few upstairs! I know we’re a bit late on this bandwagon but I like it better this way. I keep away from the trends and watch later to avoid spoilers as best as possible, and I don’t have to wait for more seasons! Thanks for reading! I guess if I’m asking you to remember anything from this post it’s: 

1.) Watch Downton Abbey ASAP 

2.) Drink tea at all times when Downton Abbey is onscreen

Cheers, loves! (I was that girl in London…no one said, “Cheers.” back…)- Harper


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