Jamais Vu + Stranger Things

You may have read the title and said to yourself, “What the hell is jamais vu?” Well, jamais vu is the opposite of deja vu. In other words, jamais vu is when you look at a word for a long time and suddenly it no longer feels much like a word and more like something Aunt Rhoda made up to win at scrabble. I didn’t know this until I watched Vsauce’s video on language. The title is Dord but if you’re feeling particularly lazy, I’ll link it here. Jamais Vu! That’s what I learned today, what’d you learn? 

Furthermore, I’ve recently been rewatching Stranger Things (on Netflix) in order to get pumped for season 2 which is said to be released this Halloween. Although I was not born in the 80’s, I still felt an immense amount of nostalgia when it came to the rotary phones and mixtapes shown throughout the series. It’s great for those of you that enjoy horror/sci-fi/mysteries. Beware of the Demogorgon! Xoxo- Harper 

P.S: Listen to Should I Stay or Should I Go  (featured in the first episode of Stranger Things) 


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