Letters + Revelations

As someone who prefers letters to text messages and who [allegedly] hasn’t quit reading books, I’d like to think I’m more appreciative than your average teenager. I also think I may in fact be turning into my mother due to the fact I, prior to writing this, scoured my [relatively] local bookstore for Pride & Prejudice and even Fahrenheit 451. This may be due to being an only child and since I was raised around adults the majority of the time, I grew to be more mature or, it could have to do with the wonderful person in my life who sends me packages around holiday time addressed in squiggly writing, or cursive and even has them addressed to my cat. I guess it’s normal to feel as though I was born in the wrong era when I seldom watch modern tv shows. I’ve since stopped watching all other shows and now stick to Seinfeld and Downton Abbey. It doesn’t help that I refuse to keep up with today’s language. Can you blame me? Typical conversations kids my age have usually sound like this: 

Boy #1: “Dude, have you seen her new video? After I watched, I texted Jake and I was like, U ok, fam?” 

Boy #2: “I know! I’m shook! It was kinda lit though…” 

Okay, I admit, I used Urban Dictionary to make that dialogue. To be honest, I’m still not sure I used any of those correctly. I also can’t wrap my head around today’s music–most of the teenagers I encounter listen to rap songs with words nobody really comprehends and artists with the most ludicrous names. Oh, and when it’s your birthday? Watch your phone blow up with text messages that are less than 3 words and an emoji. Where did traditions go? Bookstores are almost gone and I am not okay. I guess that’s a good thing and I guess I should thank my parents for not raising me to prefer video games with copious amounts of blood or videos informing me how to twerk. So, thanks, Mom and Dad.- Harper


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